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Triple-Roll Noodle machine with Densiy Control
Triple-Roll Noodle machine with Densiy Control
Widely applicable turnkey machine
to develop differential products!

* Substantial function to be fully used at will responds to various applications.
1. Noodles of your expected density can be produced continuously due to the function of an electronically controlled supplying-roll.
2. The low moisture dough, hard to be converted into the sheet, can also be shaped into high quality noodle sheet without any missing part.
3. The dough made from gelatinization material (processed by steaming) can also be shaped into 1-mm-thick noodle sheet at a time. Please note that additions of a roll temperature control unit and nonadhesive processing on the roll surface are necessary as an option.
4. The machine, installable in a small area, functions almost the same performance as the Compound Pressing Roll Machine. Furthermore, high quality noodles of a constant density can be continuously produced without folding into two.
5. This is an eco-friendly machine with both substantial function and energy saving in a compact body.