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Chiao Tzu Pi machine
We will deliver both "durable but tasty chiao tzu pi"
and "considerable rationalization"
Chiao Tzu Pi machine

1. OHTAKE's unique tension controller processes dough sheets without any dilaceration and slack, and with accuracy.
2. Chiao tzu pi can be produced from the dough sheet without dusting the starch.
3. The starch is dusted only on chiao tzu pi punched out from the sheet. This is why it is tasty and durable.
4. All the rest of trimmed dough sheet, after punched out, is returned to the Compound Pressing Roll Machine to be united with virgin dough. In this way, it can be recycled and transformed into good quality dough sheet again.
5. Specified numbers of the chiao tzu pi sheet are automatically piled up in order just by setting the digital number.
6. The excess starch after dusted is automatically collected, and can be reused without any waste.
Chiao Tzu Pi machine
Chiao Tzu Pi machine
* Main specifications
Type/Roll Width
2Rows / 220mm
3Rows / 300mm 5Rows / 500mm
Production Capacity
21,000 sheets/hr 31,500 sheets/hr 52,500 sheets/hr
Number of Sack of Flour (25kg)
2.5~3.5 sacks 3.5~4.5sacks 7~10 sacks
Punch-out Diameter (mm) Ø80~Ø90 Ø80~Ø90 Ø80~Ø90
Power Requirements 20kw 20kw 30kw