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Proven expertise and superior engineering focused on perfect production.
[ Production ]

Advances in factory automation in recent years have been changing the face of noodle-making systems dramatically.

To build up highly developed production systems, a full lineup of not only noodle-making machines themselves, but also peripherals equipment of diverse kinds such as robots, conveyors, supply equipment, transfer equipments and so on has also become essential as well.

Proven expertise and superior engineering focused on perfect production.[ Production ]
To fulfill these required conditions, advanced production technologies as well as superior design capabilities are necessary, and OHTAKE has them in place.

All OHTAKE products are manufactured through a fully integrated manufacturing process: from parts manufacturing, basic assembly and installation of electric equipment to painting, final assembly, adjustment and inspection.

OHTAKE has another advantage in addition to our most advanced production facilities. That is, the rich experience and technological thinking of our highly experienced staff. They provide uncompromising and consistent craftsmanship that users demand. Integration of tools, skills and spirit supports the reliability of all OHTAKE products.

All products are further backed up by our stringent inspection system after completing assembly. Exhaustive and meticulous checks are made on all parts, electrical systems and mechanical devices. Actual loading tests are performed on all finished products to confirm that they operate according to specifications, and to check the quality of the finished noodles. This rigorous devotion to detail ensures that users will receive the ideal noodle-making equipment that satisfies their every demand.

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